Project: Nightwalker


Nightwalker was a very basic attempt at a 3D game using BSP (binary space partitioning) and PVS (potentially visible set) techniques which I wrote when I was still at school. The "engine" I wrote for it was called Thunderbolt, but it ended up being more of a tech demo than a game because a full first-person shooter was way beyond me at the time.


A fearsome alien race, known to humans as the Bionides, are threatening to take over Earth. An emergency situation is announced by the Earth Government and help is requested from the neighbouring Proxima Centauri star system. Unfortunately, the imprecise communication beam used to send the distress signal was picked up not only by the Bionides, but by other warlike alien races, including one particularly chilling species known as the Body-Snatchers. These frightening creatures are already starting to materialise on the streets of major cities including London and New York, and a detachment of the Proximan Advance Guard has been captured and detained in a remote location. As a lieutenant in this elite unit, you must evade your captors and regroup with the main strike force which is currently on course for Jupiter, for unknown to your superiors the asteroid field on the main approach to Mars has been heavily mined by the Bionides. The fate of Earth is in the balance. Your destiny is unknown.

Your only goal: Kill the Bionides, or die trying...



Disclaimer: I wrote this as a non-commercial hobby program (which I never intended to see the light of day) when I was a teenager, so whilst the coding was all done by me, some of the music/textures/etc. are borrowed from various places (notably Quake II in places) - I don't pretend to be a musician or an artist. I'm working on getting the pak file compiler up and running again to replace the content, but haven't had a chance yet.


Filename Type Description Full Source & Binaries The full source code and binaries for the final version of Nightwalker (minus some of the content files, which would have bloated the zip) - compiling the source could prove problematic these days (it uses DirectX 7), but it's there for reference purposes