Project: Shipwreck Map Editor


Shipwreck Map Editor was my third-year undergraduate Computer Science project at Oxford University. It works a lot like Valve's Hammer editor.

The original idea came from a Computer Graphics practical which involved dragging boxes around a simple application. I started writing the map editor in November 2004 and finished in October 2005 (I'd actually written most of it by the time I came to propose it as a project to my supervisor). I've since gone back and added in a few new features (like lighting) in order to make the editor usable for my latest game, The Scarlet Pimpernel.





Filename Type Description Download Page The download page for the version of the map editor as it was at the end of my undergraduate project SVN Repository Link The latest version of Shipwreck (in a reasonably up-to-date mirror of the core Subversion repository for The Scarlet Pimpernel: login for read access with username and password both 'anonymous')